Sunday, June 24, 2012

It Was Grand

Last Thursday we loaded our little yellow truck onto a trailer......

....... hitched the trailer onto the motorhome.....

......made sure we had our dog and our dog had his Christmas Monkey......

....and we headed south....down into the Texas Hill Country.

We were headed to Marble Falls and the 49th Annual Texas Grand Old Tour.

The RV Park we stayed at in Marble Falls was beautiful.  It was located on the shore of Lake LBJ.  This is a picture of one of their "luxury sites."  There was wrought iron patio furniture, a built in grill and an outdoor sink.  They even had their own private boat docks.

You had to be driving one of these big rigs to even be eligible to stay in one.  I was impressed.  Really impressed.

These sites even had green grass.  It was awesome.

Some friends of ours from Winters stayed at the same RV park.  

Jan and Jim were lots of fun.  And they knew things.  They knew where to go to get a slice of this....

The meringue on that pie must of been stacked at least eight inches high.  This was a piece of coconut.

The meringue was stacked even higher on the chocolate.  I had a piece of the chocolate.

That evening our friends, the Casey's, drove out from Round Rock.   They've attended lots of these Model A events and they usually come in "Ladybug" their 1928 Model A pickup. This year they showed up in this cute little thing.  I'm not for sure what year or model she was, but they sure picked out a pretty name for her....."Porsche."  It had a nice ring to it.

After eating ourselves silly on Friday, it was time to get down to business Saturday morning.

Roger got out early and started polishing on Daisy.

Jim gave his shade tree mechanic skills a workout.  I'm sure Roger was imparting some kind of words of wisdom to him.

Finally it was time to head to town and get our place in the line up....

the big line up.  The line up for the Grand Old Tour.

The following is a little video clip about how that went.  Sometimes things don't always go smoothly, but that's what keeps life interesting.  A little bump in the road every now and then can actually be fun.  And besides.....

if it hadn't of been for that little bump in the road, I wouldn't have been able to go back to town and get this.  And that would of been a shame because it had my name written all over it!

The 49th Texas Grand Old Tour:

Texas Grand Old Tour from Joy Banks on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Daisy Workout

Five days a week Roger is sitting at a desk in his office.  For five days a week, the only exercise he gets is to walk out of his office and to stand at this sign for a few minutes and  I think we'd all agree, that's not much exercise.

That all changes when the weekend rolls around.  Especially a weekend like this one where Roger spent hours getting Daisy prepared for the Model A Texas Tour coming up later this week.  Now that's a good workout.

Roger started out with a relatively simple fender-flex.  This is a good warm up exercise.

Next came a stretch and reach exercise.  It's good for neck muscles.

Look at him stretching his neck to get his head underneath the hood.  He was really working it here.

After that came the back-slide.

The back-slide is rather difficult, but it helps if you push against a bar stool with your foot. The further you can slide under that chassis, the better.

Once he was flat on his back he was able to do some wrench-lifts.  Try holding those things straight up in the air for several minutes.  It's a great way to strengthen your forearms.

Roger was tired when he got finished, but it was a good tired.  

Our shop dog, Banjo, on the other hand, was exhausted.  He had spent the whole day watching.