Saturday, September 10, 2011

My bad.

In my last post I mentioned Roger installed these wooden rails on the pickup bed.  I kind of gave Roger a hard time about completing a step that wasn't listed on "The Plan."

Guess I figured there were already so many steps (83 to be exact), he didn't need to be working on a step that wasn't listed!

Truthfully,  I wasn't really thinking that.  I was just trying to give Roger a hard time about leaving a step off and as it turns out, I should have never have mentioned it.

When Roger finished reading my blog update, he picked up our print out of "The Plan" and politely pointed to an item toward the end of the list.  And there it was.... step #66.  Cut and install bed rails.

Whoops.  My bad.  Sorry Roger.  I quickly drew a line through it to show it had been completed.

A few other things were completed this week, too.  Roger got the wooden floor board and rubber mat cut and fitted into place.  Looking at the picture above, I think I see the new gear shift knob.  It's got Ford written in the blue area with a circle of silver around it....Bling!!

Not only are Daisy's headlights wired up and ready to go, so are her sexy, little cowl lights.

Her tail lights are working and the back license plate is on!

Her blinkers are back in business again, too, and this time, they've been wired up with this nifty little noise maker on them.

For those of you who own Model A's, you know how hard it is to hear the blinker.  And since you can't hear it, you can't remember to turn it off.  I can't tell you the number of times we've turned into a restaurant parking lot, got out and walked in only to have the other club members, who were already seated and watching our arrival out the window, stand up and yell "blinkers!" 

Anyway, now that Daisy's blinkers make a lot of noise, maybe we can remember to turn them off and save ourselves some embarrassment upon restaurant arrivals.  See what you think....

Blinkers! from Joy Banks on Vimeo.

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