Monday, July 4, 2011


This is a picture of Daisy with her old wheels still on. Daisy has been painted Rally Yellow for so long now, it is hard to believe she used to be the color of those orange wheels!

Those wheels looked awful.  Even our friend Leroy, who is in Colorado for the summer, left strict instructions for us to "get those orange wheels off Daisy" before he gets back! 

I thought one of the first things we would do after getting Daisy back from the body shop would be to put her new wheels on.  I was wrong.  Other things took priority.

Well, some of those things are complete now and so last weekend Roger took the old wheels off Daisy and carted them plus the new wheels over to Dave's shop.  They worked for almost a full day taking the tires and tubes off the old wheels and putting them on the new ones.

After that was completed, Roger hauled all the new ones back to our shop (a.k.a. Leroy's shop) and one by one put them on Daisy.

And, wow!  What a difference!  The shiny, new hub caps don't hurt either!

Another big step is complete!!

I think Leroy will be pleased.

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