Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Stuff

Roger got Daisy's bumper put back on a couple of days ago along with this cool, new tool box.  (a gift from Leroy)  It's sitting right behind the chrome bumper.  Any experienced Model A'er knows it is a must to carry tools and spare parts with you at all times.  Sooner or later, you are going to need them.

Roger has also been working at getting a new floor in.  Looks like he's about finished.  It just needs paint and a mat put over it.  By the way, this is going to be Daisy's every day floor. She's going to have another floor for shows.  My brother-in-law made it for Daisy out of solid oak!  It'll be stained real pretty, too!

Roger continues to put more stuff back on Daisy.  The shelves at the shop are no longer overflowing with pieces of her and I can actually walk out into our garage without tripping over yellow body parts!

I know at this point y'all must be wondering, "how much more stuff is there to put back on Daisy?" All I can say is there is less now than there was...... 

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