Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Stuff

Roger got Daisy's bumper put back on a couple of days ago along with this cool, new tool box.  (a gift from Leroy)  It's sitting right behind the chrome bumper.  Any experienced Model A'er knows it is a must to carry tools and spare parts with you at all times.  Sooner or later, you are going to need them.

Roger has also been working at getting a new floor in.  Looks like he's about finished.  It just needs paint and a mat put over it.  By the way, this is going to be Daisy's every day floor. She's going to have another floor for shows.  My brother-in-law made it for Daisy out of solid oak!  It'll be stained real pretty, too!

Roger continues to put more stuff back on Daisy.  The shelves at the shop are no longer overflowing with pieces of her and I can actually walk out into our garage without tripping over yellow body parts!

I know at this point y'all must be wondering, "how much more stuff is there to put back on Daisy?" All I can say is there is less now than there was...... 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Fenders

Nothing says "Ford Model A" more than those distinctive black fenders.

And, hallelujah,  Miss Daisy has front fenders on both sides now!

Her running boards have been installed, too!

I'm guessing, but maybe the back fenders will be installed next?  And then, hopefully, the pickup bed??  Wow, can't wait to see that!

Until then, those front fenders are sweet!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Big Bang

It was a year ago this month when we first drove Daisy from our house out to the shop.  It was touch and go all the way and she actually died on us before we could raise the shop door and get her completely inside.  Roger ended up pushing her the last few feet.  If you want to refresh your memory, here's the link:   http://vimeo.com/13034930

Miss Daisy has been a busy girl since then.  She's been mechanically overhauled and cosmetically renewed.  While her restoration is still not complete a huge milestone was reached last Sunday and let me tell you, it was a nail biter.

All of the new parts necessary for Daisy's engine to run were in position.  Fresh oil and engine fluid had been added.  After a year of sitting there unused and lifeless, it was time to turn the key.  With Roger's pampering and Dave's fine tuning, that Ford Model A engine came back to life.

Take a look.........

The Big Bang from Joy Banks on Vimeo.

Monday, July 4, 2011


This is a picture of Daisy with her old wheels still on. Daisy has been painted Rally Yellow for so long now, it is hard to believe she used to be the color of those orange wheels!

Those wheels looked awful.  Even our friend Leroy, who is in Colorado for the summer, left strict instructions for us to "get those orange wheels off Daisy" before he gets back! 

I thought one of the first things we would do after getting Daisy back from the body shop would be to put her new wheels on.  I was wrong.  Other things took priority.

Well, some of those things are complete now and so last weekend Roger took the old wheels off Daisy and carted them plus the new wheels over to Dave's shop.  They worked for almost a full day taking the tires and tubes off the old wheels and putting them on the new ones.

After that was completed, Roger hauled all the new ones back to our shop (a.k.a. Leroy's shop) and one by one put them on Daisy.

And, wow!  What a difference!  The shiny, new hub caps don't hurt either!

Another big step is complete!!

I think Leroy will be pleased.