Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saturday at the Shop

It was a pretty good week at the shop.  We actually made some progress without putting anymore scratches or scrapes on Daisy.

Roger got the header strips installed.  Looks like a small project, but it turned out to be a lot more involved than just screwing in the freshly painted strips.

There are only six screws on each side, but every screw had been stripped and had to be drilled out.  Then Roger had to go back and put some oak plugs in all the holes so that the new screws would have something to hold on to.  It took some extra time, but now the header strips are securely installed above each door.

Roger also got these rear fender braces put on one night last week.

There is one on each side.  The brace by itself doesn't look like too much, but........

on Saturday, he attached the bumpers to them!!!

Yea!  Now we are getting somewhere!  We are starting to put the good stuff back on!

Things got even better on Saturday when we installed a new chrome cowl band and some glossy black splash rails on Daisy.  She's actually starting to look like a Model A again!

The chrome cowl band looks easy enough for a girl/woman to install, but just in case you don't believe I helped install the splash rails, here's a short video clip to prove it!  :~)

Splash Rails from Joy Banks on Vimeo.

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