Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Horses

This odd looking thing is Daisy's old engine head. Roger spent the better part of last weekend replacing it and the metal studs that are attached underneath it.  I think there were over a dozen of those studs, one for each of the small holes you can see in the picture above.

When Roger discovered days earlier that, true to form, every stud was stuck, he started applying a penetrating oil to them trying to loosen up 80 years of rust.

Finally, he was able to remove all but two of them. Those two broke off!  The metal shavings you see in the above picture are the result of Roger having to drill them out.  Then he had to re-thread those two using something called a drill tap (don't ask me what that is.... my mind had begun to wander right about here).

After the old studs were completely removed, they were replaced with new, stronger studs. They were necessary to accommodate the new high compression engine head. 

After the new studs, a new head gasket was put on.......

and then the new high compression engine head was put into place.   

Roger said the new engine head will give Daisy more horsepower.

I'm not sure how much more horsepower but it must be quite a bit because next Roger installed this shiny, black fan blade.

And what could a fan blade possibly be for other than a way to keep Daisy cool when all those horses are revved up and running full speed ahead? 

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