Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Four Things

We had to go out of town last week so several days went by where no work was done on Daisy. We're home now and Roger is back on task.  Hopefully, there will be some progress to report in the next few days.

Before we left town, Roger did manage to complete four little projects.

Daisy got a new alternator.  Yeah!

She also got this new locking door handle.  Fabulous!

One of the last things Roger got done before we left town was installing this curved part of the dash.  Pretty cool, huh?

The cup holder you see in the above picture is something Daisy inherited from Peaches, the '31 Coupe we sacrificed to make way for Daisy.  I hope Daisy appreciates it.  To this day, I miss seeing sweet little Peaches sitting out in our garage.  :(

Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Horses

This odd looking thing is Daisy's old engine head. Roger spent the better part of last weekend replacing it and the metal studs that are attached underneath it.  I think there were over a dozen of those studs, one for each of the small holes you can see in the picture above.

When Roger discovered days earlier that, true to form, every stud was stuck, he started applying a penetrating oil to them trying to loosen up 80 years of rust.

Finally, he was able to remove all but two of them. Those two broke off!  The metal shavings you see in the above picture are the result of Roger having to drill them out.  Then he had to re-thread those two using something called a drill tap (don't ask me what that is.... my mind had begun to wander right about here).

After the old studs were completely removed, they were replaced with new, stronger studs. They were necessary to accommodate the new high compression engine head. 

After the new studs, a new head gasket was put on.......

and then the new high compression engine head was put into place.   

Roger said the new engine head will give Daisy more horsepower.

I'm not sure how much more horsepower but it must be quite a bit because next Roger installed this shiny, black fan blade.

And what could a fan blade possibly be for other than a way to keep Daisy cool when all those horses are revved up and running full speed ahead? 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

One Reason

One reason it is taking "like forever" to put Miss Daisy back together is because almost every time Roger goes to install a new piece or replace a part something has to be repaired first!

Remember the brakes?  They had to be sent back east for some repair before the new floater kits could be put on them and reinstalled.

This broken spindle is the reason Daisy still has her old, orangey colored wheels on.  We sent it to Mike's Affordable Model A Parts in Georgia to be repaired.  It's back now, so, maybe Roger can get Daisy's new wheels put on soon.

Ah, yes.  The header strips.  Such little pieces that required so much time to get them back into place.  Drilling out stripped screws and plugging all the holes with oak dowels is a bit tedious.

These little things are the window channels for each side door.  They were bent so they had to be straightened.   They were also given a fresh coat of paint.

That black thing next to the knife is a dilapidated window gasket.  It had to be scraped off both pieces of window glass before the new gaskets could be put on.

This little piece of yellow trim goes next to the windshield.  When it was removed so it could be painted, all but two of these little things called "cage nuts" broke off.  I think there might have been about eight of them altogether.  Apparently you can't get "cage nuts" like that any more so Roger had to come up with another plan to replace them.

On the advice of a few folks, he used this stuff called J B Weld.  It took a couple of days to set up, but the resulting bond is super strong!

It's lots of fun when we get to put a new part or a freshly painted piece of steel back on Daisy and don't have to make some kind of repair first, but that doesn't happen very often.  I guess that is why this is called a total restoration.  

One by one, Roger is working his way through all the repairs.  He's actually saying he may have her finished in a couple more months!  In the meantime, I have to keep reminding myself Daisy is 80 years old this year.  She's entitled to some pampering!

Get some rest,  Daisy.
We'll be back at it again tomorrow!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saturday at the Shop

It was a pretty good week at the shop.  We actually made some progress without putting anymore scratches or scrapes on Daisy.

Roger got the header strips installed.  Looks like a small project, but it turned out to be a lot more involved than just screwing in the freshly painted strips.

There are only six screws on each side, but every screw had been stripped and had to be drilled out.  Then Roger had to go back and put some oak plugs in all the holes so that the new screws would have something to hold on to.  It took some extra time, but now the header strips are securely installed above each door.

Roger also got these rear fender braces put on one night last week.

There is one on each side.  The brace by itself doesn't look like too much, but........

on Saturday, he attached the bumpers to them!!!

Yea!  Now we are getting somewhere!  We are starting to put the good stuff back on!

Things got even better on Saturday when we installed a new chrome cowl band and some glossy black splash rails on Daisy.  She's actually starting to look like a Model A again!

The chrome cowl band looks easy enough for a girl/woman to install, but just in case you don't believe I helped install the splash rails, here's a short video clip to prove it!  :~)

Splash Rails from Joy Banks on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Confession

I'm not sure how to explain this because I'm not sure how it happened, but happen it did. And although it is extremely embarrassing for Roger and me to confess, I feel we must.  This blog is about "all things Daisy" and that includes the good, the bad and the ugly.

The above picture is of Daisy's dash.  You may or may not know this, but the dash makes up one side of the gas tank or the gas tank makes up one side of the dash.  However you want to look at it,  it's all one piece of heavy Henry Ford steel!  Get the picture?

Somewhere between our first attempt and our tenth attempt to drop the gas tank into the "slot" we managed to scratch.....no......scrape..... the side of the gas tank that is also the dash.   Still with me?

When we discovered what we had done, it was painful.  It was more than painful.

Roger and I spent the next half hour consoling each other.

We spent the next full hour consoling Daisy.  She took it hard.

After the three of us stopped crying, Roger got on the phone to our body shop in Abilene.

Don sounded calm and reassuring when he told us everything would be OK.  He said there was nothing we could do to her that couldn't be fixed.  When he went so far as to say it happens to the pros, we started to feel a whole lot better.  We regained the confidence we needed to get this job done!

Don told us to go ahead and get her completely put back together before we take her in to him for the repair.

He ended by saying it's highly possible we put another scratch or two on her before we get her completely finished. 

It goes without saying, we are withholding that bit of information from Daisy.