Friday, April 15, 2011

She's Baaaack!

Daisy is back.  She's back in our shop.

And let me tell you, getting her here wasn't without mishaps!

Roger went to Abilene by himself to pick her up.  On the drive back, somewhere around Fort Chadbourne, he looked in his rear view mirror and noticed Daisy's wheels were moving. Considering she was strapped in tightly (or so he thought) with four different straps, this shouldn't be happening!

As quickly and as gently as he could, Roger pulled over to the side of the road.  Sure enough,  the two front straps had come loose and Daisy had rolled all the way back to the end of the trailer.  One more inch back and Daisy would be lying in a ditch on Highway 277 from Abilene!

After Roger's heart started beating again, he tried to push her back up to the front of the trailer, but every time he pushed, the front end of the trailer would elevate slightly.  It caused just enough of an incline to make it too difficult for Roger to push her to the front of the trailer all by himself. 

With no one stopping and offering assistance, Roger decided he was going to have to MacGyver it.  He unhitched the trailer from his truck and tied one end of a strap to the hitch on his truck.  He tied the other end of the strap to Daisy's front axle.  He hopped in his truck and very slowly pulled Daisy to the front of the trailer.  After he got out of his truck, walked back to the trailer and saw the maneuver was a success, he promptly fainted......face a patch of bluebonnets.  Just kidding!  We didn't have any bluebonnets this spring!

He was over an hour late, but he finally made it back to San Angelo with her.  She's sitting in the shop safe and sound.

At last, Roger can get started on his 60 step plan to put this girl back together again!

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