Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gas Tanks, Welting and Slots

When I visit the shop, I'm there to take pictures.  I'm there to photograph what progress is being made.....or not.... and I'm there to ask questions.  Important questions like:

"What is that your working on?"

"Are you sure you are installing it the right way?"

"What are those little gizmos?"

"How much did they cost?"

"When will this thing be finished?"

Again, I'm there to take pictures and ask questions.  Never have I gone out to the shop with the intention of actually working on Daisy!

See this thing floating around like a flying saucer in the paint booth at the body shop?  It's Daisy's gas tank.  Little did I know I would be called upon to help install it!

Here's a view of it from the top.  1931 Ford pickup's weren't large trucks.  By today's standards, they are downright tiny.  While gasoline tanks in modern day trucks are discreetly hidden away somewhere underneath the back part of the truck,  Daisy's gas tank is pretty much front and center!

I couldn't believe it when Roger told me I had to help him pick the gas tank up and lift it over Daisy's engine and set it in this..... this...... this slot...... between the firewall and the windshield!

That might not have been quite so unimaginable to me if it wasn't for the fact that I've been around Model A's enough to know there is absolutely nothing on them that is square with the world. 

And to make matters even worse, Roger put this "vinyl welting" around the outside edges of the gas tank and somehow when we dropped the gas tank into the slot, we were supposed to keep this vinyl welting straight.  We were supposed to keep it from wadding up between the edges of the gas tank and the edges of the slot!

We lifted that gas tank up over that engine five different times.  Five different times we dropped that gas tank down into that little slot only to have that welting slide up, slide down or end up in a wad.

Five times, we tried.

And that was just Thursday night!

We gave up on it on Thursday and it was Sunday until we had a chance to get out to the shop to try it again.

This time Roger made a few minor adjustments...... such as taking a hammer to one side of the gas tank.  That must have helped because after three tries the gas tank was properly sitting in the slot and the welting was all lined up where it was supposed to be.  

We stood back, took one last look at it,  decided it was as good as it was going to get and Roger started screwing that baby down.  We didn't even want to breathe on it until he got it screwed down!

Yea! We did it!  And I helped!  

I was so happy! 

Fast forward to Monday night.

Roger goes out to the shop.  He had been gone a couple of hours when I decided to give him a call.

"What are you working on," I asked.

"I just put some insulation on the firewall,"  he answered.

"Did you get finished?" I wanted to know.

"Yes, but..." he cautiously replied.

"But, what," I hesitated to ask.

"I had to take the gas tank out to do it," he answered.

I've set up an appointment with my therapist for Thursday........

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