Friday, April 8, 2011

Exercise in Patience

The good news is Daisy's cab and chassis will be ready to pick up on Sunday.  The bad news is the running board and fender won't be ready.  That's OK, though, I've still got a little patience left.  (Did I just say that??)  There is plenty of work Roger can be doing on the cab and chassis while we wait for the other parts to be painted black.  What's one more trip to Abilene and back? (Oh, about $50 at today's gas prices!)

While I sit here and give my patience some much needed exercise, I'd like to share this picture of our dear friend, Leroy Palmer.

Leroy left San Angelo a couple of weeks ago in his Model A.  He's headed to Charlotte, N.C. and he's taking the scenic route the whole way!  In this picture, parked behind his beautiful blue Model A coupe, you can see a small tent trailer.   Leroy designed and built the trailer himself!  He wanted it to be small enough and light enough for his "A" to tow.  Looks like he did a good job and he's sure putting it to good use.  Weather permitting, he's staying in state parks and RV parks all along the way.

Leroy must of took this picture while looking out the windshield of his coupe.  I believe he said it was in Natchez State Park.  He took almost this same trip last year.  He saw so many beautiful sites and met so many wonderful people he wanted to do it all over again this year.  Leroy is quite a guy and I'm sure there are lots of people from San Angelo, Texas to Charlotte, N.C. that will agree with me.

If there is one thing I've learned about all this "Model A" business it's that you sure meet a lot of nice folks.

If there is a second thing I've learned it's that restoring a Model A takes a ton of patience!

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