Saturday, April 30, 2011

Creepin' Along

After we completed the monumental task of installing Daisy's gas tank, not much else has happened, or so it seems to me........a girl who can't even remember what Daisy looked like when we had her shipped here from Michigan a year ago.  Can you believe that?  We've had her a year now and I've never even been for a ride.  Roger's only driven her two times. Once to some public scales to be weighed so we could get her tags and once to the shop so we could start tearing her apart.

Sometimes I think this is all a dream/nightmare and I'll wake up any minute to discover we really never had a little yellow pickup at all.....Miss Daisy never existed.....none of this ever happened.  But, alas,  I'm not asleep.  And we really do have a 1931 Ford Model A pickup. And her name is Daisy.

All I have to do is step out into the garage and wade through a maze of yellow and black body parts to remember Daisy is real.  She's not a figment of my imagination.  And then, of all things, I start to feel a little bit guilty.  We've had her for a whole year and we've done our best, but, bless her heart, she's still in a million pieces!

I try to remind myself that although it seems like we are just creepin' along, she's in fewer pieces now than she was a few weeks ago.  Roger got the wood slats for the seat rest installed one night this week.

He also got these door dovetail do-hickey's installed this week.

And look at this!  A Ford truck bed in a Ford truck bed!  Now that's something you don't see very often!  Roger went to Abilene this morning and picked up the last of the pieces that we had painted.

Now that I think about it, we marked off three things this week on our sixty step list of things to do to put Daisy back together.  Maybe it wasn't such a slow week after all!

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