Friday, March 4, 2011


After almost 8 months of sitting and gathering dust at a body shop here in San Angelo,  I was beginning to believe this day would never come.  I had almost resigned myself to the fact that Daisy would forever be school bus yellow.

Thankfully, a friend of a friend recommended A Touch of Color in Abilene.  And thankfully, they were able to get started on her shortly after Roger dropped her off there.

As of today, goodbye school bus yellow!  Miss Daisy is officially rally yellow!  And doesn't she look good!

What a difference a good body shop makes!  Here's a before shot of Daisy's firewall.

And here is the after shot of her firewall.......Sweet!!

The next step is for Daisy's cab and doors to be sent to Joe's upholstery shop in Abilene.  After that's complete,  she'll be ready to come back to San Angelo where she'll keep Roger busy for the next couple of months with the task of putting her back together.  Progress feels good.

Hang in there, Daisy!  I promise, we'll get you put completely back together real soon!

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