Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Men at Work

A couple of Roger's friends were out at the shop helping him this past Sunday.  That's Leroy Palmer (shop owner) on the left and Dave Casey on the right.  

There is a wealth of Model A know-how between the two of those guys and it's a good thing because it took more than a little studying and head scratching for all three of them to figure out the proper way to install something called a "Flat Head Ted."

See these? These are the newly rebuilt brakes that just came back from Snyder's last week.  Apparently, "Flat Head Ted" is a floater kit and a floater kit is something that goes on these brakes to make them operate more like modern day brakes. (Note: this is the condensed "girl" version of what a "Flat Head Ted" is.)

The guys worked on this for literally hours on Sunday. And I don't think they quite got finished but as it turns out that might have been a good thing.  See that picture above?  That's a Flat Head Ted floater kit.  See those two parts circled in black? They were missing from Roger's kit and the guys might never have known if Dave hadn't of ordered one just like it and opened his up and discovered two parts in his kit that weren't in Roger's!  

Bless their hearts, now they have to re-do some of the work they've already done! The missing parts are being over-nighted from Georgia. The guys are anxious for them to get here so they can get the brake job completed.  I bet it goes a lot smoother this time!

I'd like to give a special shout out to Dave.  He worked like a trojan on Sunday and that was just after having surgery on his hand!  He's redeemed himself.  I no longer feel like punching him in the eye for getting Roger involved in all of this.........for now, anyway........

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