Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Behind the Scenes

It seems like lately all I've been posting about is Daisy's...... um...... what should I call it..... cosmetic surgery?  

You know, that little nip and tuck she's having done in another town?   The botox job she'll deny she ever had?

Well, besides getting all of that fresh paint and new upholstery, Roger has been taking care of a few details back here in San Angelo out at the shop. He's scrubbed Daisy's frame and painted it a nice glossy black.  He's cleaned her engine and painted it a real pretty green....Ford green, I was told!

He worked on cutting tiny holes in this webbing so that it would line up with the holes in Daisy's frame.  This stuff separates the cab and bed from the frame....... who knew?

After spending a couple of tedious hours cutting the holes in the webbing on one side, he discovered he could finish the other side in mere minutes by using his soldering iron and burning the holes in.  Again......who knew?

Last Saturday, he had to call in the reinforcements (that would be Dave) to help him install this new spring.  They had to muster up every ounce of strength they had to get it on, but they did it.  They got her done.

Daisy's brakes should be back from Snyder's in Ohio maybe by the end of this week.  Roger will have to call on Dave, again, to help him reinstall those.  We're moving right along!

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