Sunday, March 20, 2011

Back on Task

Roger was back on task today after our quick trip to Abilene yesterday. He's got to get Daisy's brakes finished this week. The body shop is just about to the point where they need Daisy's chassis back so they can set the cab on it.  

Hopefully, everything will go smoothly with the brake installation this time. The above picture is of Roger installing a new chrome emergency brake. We like chrome.  It's shiny.  Shiny is good.

Yesterday in Abilene, Roger explained to Joe, our upholstery guy, what we wanted him to redo on the trim.  After Joe finished crying and stomping his feet and telling us it was his birthday and that we had just ruined his whole day, he said,  "not a problem."  That Joe, he's a nice guy!

We did come home from Abilene with a few goodies.  We brought home two of these beautifully upholstered door panels.......

and five new yellow wheels.

We also got a sneak peak while we were there of what Daisy's bench seat will look like once it is installed in the cab.  We were already anxious to get this project completed but now we are chomping at the bit!

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