Saturday, February 12, 2011

Brake Check

I'm worried.  It seems like every time I see Daisy these days, there is less and less of her. I thought we had turned a corner when Daisy got her new transmission.  From that point on, I thought we would continue to "add to" Daisy's frame, not take more away.  When I was out at the shop last week, I swear, her chassis still had some wheels on it, but not now!

Now, poor Daisy can't even stand on her own anymore.  She's being propped up by four orange and white jacks.

Just when I thought there was light at the end of this restoration tunnel, Roger informed me he and Dave were going to check Daisy's brakes out.  And when he said, "we are going to check her brakes out," I heard, "we are going to replace anything and everything that has to do with a brake."

Dr.Yates Smith happened to be in the shop when Roger made that ominous statement and I quickly turned to Yates and pleaded, "say it ain't so."   Gracious, I should have known I wouldn't get any help from him.   He very matter-of-factly informed me Model A's basically need to do two things:  they need to start and they need to stop.

That was enough.  I know when I'm outnumbered. I grabbed my bottle of water and my camera and told them I was headed for the house. Sometimes I'm not sure if I need to thank Dave for helping Roger with this restoration or if I need to punch him in the eye!  

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