Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Slowly but surely.....

When Roger arrived at the body shop in Abilene yesterday morning to pick up Daisy's chassis, he was thrilled to see some body work had been done on Daisy's cab.  After months of sitting gathering dust in the body shop here in San Angelo, any kind of progress seemed monumental.  Roger felt like celebrating!

Donny, Daisy's new body man, put her cab on a nifty little stand with wheels were she could be rolled around in any direction.  Every hole that needed plugged had been plugged.

New hinges had been installed.

Places that needed smoothed out had been smoothed out.

Slowly but surely a little progress was being made.  Roger was happy.  

It is hard on Roger with Daisy being so far away from home.  He can't go by and check on her every other day like he did when she was at that body shop on Avenue N here in town, but I have a feeling he will still be making several trips to Abilene to check on the old girl.  He's got to try and not worry about her.  She's safe. She's being well guarded.

Meet Cooter.  Guard dog extraordinaire.  The resident shop dog at Touch of Color Body Shop.  He's fierce, he's mean, he's just a puppy.

Nope.  I don't think we need to worry about Daisy's safety while she's away from home.


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