Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Transmission......Done!

It was foggy and misty this morning when Roger sent me this picture as he was getting ready to leave Weatherford.  He drove to Fort Worth yesterday and picked Daisy's chassis up late that evening and then drove back to Weatherford to spend the night.

I'm not sure but I think I see a shiny, new gearshift sticking up there in the middle of the picture.  I don't recall that being there before Daisy went to Fort Worth.  I could be wrong, but hey, I'm just a girl.  I don't promise to always notice stuff like that!  Anyway, one more step of Daisy's restoration is complete!  Hallelujah!

And now on to another step........

Picking a color......

Picking a color of yellow.......

Who knew there were no less than nine jillion shades of yellow???

At least five different times we've picked a shade and felt positive that was the perfect choice only to change our mind a few minutes later when the sun came out from behind a cloud.

We were having a terrible time deciding........

and then we saw this!!!!!

Rally Yellow!  That's the one!  We told our friends, we told our family, we told our body shop guy, we told Banjo, the dog, Rally Yellow was the one.

Donny, at a Touch of Color in Abilene, was nice enough to get a sample of it and painted a small piece of metal so we could see it up close.

Yes! It's all set.  Miss Daisy will soon be sporting a coat of Rally Yellow!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

AAAA Transmissions

Daisy's chassis is still in Fort Worth at AAAA Transmissions.  She's going to be spending a few days there while Gary, the transmission guy, gets her set up with this super cool, new transmission.

Actually, even though the transmission will be new to Daisy, it isn't a new transmission.  It's from a 1984ish Ford F150.  Gary, who has been working on Model A transmissions since he was knee high to a grasshopper, takes these old Ford F150 transmissions,  modifies them, puts them back in Model A's and presto!  Double clutching is no longer required!!  It's a synchronized 4 speed transmission with the over-drive built in.

From what we could find out, there are only about 3 people in the US that does this sort of thing.  We were tickled when we came across Gary and the fact that he was only as far away as Fort Worth.

We are sure looking forward to the day when we get Daisy all put back together and can try this new tranny out!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Slowly but surely.....

When Roger arrived at the body shop in Abilene yesterday morning to pick up Daisy's chassis, he was thrilled to see some body work had been done on Daisy's cab.  After months of sitting gathering dust in the body shop here in San Angelo, any kind of progress seemed monumental.  Roger felt like celebrating!

Donny, Daisy's new body man, put her cab on a nifty little stand with wheels were she could be rolled around in any direction.  Every hole that needed plugged had been plugged.

New hinges had been installed.

Places that needed smoothed out had been smoothed out.

Slowly but surely a little progress was being made.  Roger was happy.  

It is hard on Roger with Daisy being so far away from home.  He can't go by and check on her every other day like he did when she was at that body shop on Avenue N here in town, but I have a feeling he will still be making several trips to Abilene to check on the old girl.  He's got to try and not worry about her.  She's safe. She's being well guarded.

Meet Cooter.  Guard dog extraordinaire.  The resident shop dog at Touch of Color Body Shop.  He's fierce, he's mean, he's just a puppy.

Nope.  I don't think we need to worry about Daisy's safety while she's away from home.


Monday, January 17, 2011


As I sit here writing this post, Roger and Daisy are on their way to Cowtown!!  To be more specific, part of Daisy, her chassis, is on it's way to Cowtown.  Daisy has an appointment to get a new transmission installed this week!  Yeehaw!

The rest of her body is still in Abilene and for those of you wondering, yes, it is actually getting some body work done on it.  Yeehaw again!  

Things are last.