Thursday, December 30, 2010

A New Year.....A New Body Shop?

It finally happened.  Roger finally lost his patience with the body shop here in town.  After 8 months of confinement at a local body shop (who's name is to never be spoken in this family again),  Roger finally decided it was time to spring Daisy from paint prison.

A couple of days ago Roger marched himself down to that local body shop and  loaded up Miss Daisy along with every piece, part and wheel that had been sitting gathering dust for over half a year.

After checking his rear view mirror to make sure Daisy was safely following along on the dolly,  Roger headed toward Abilene and a new body shop.

Two hours later, he and Daisy arrived at this place.  Touch of Color.  It sounds like a nice place.  At least it doesn't have the word "collision" in its' name.

Roger unloaded Daisy and left her with this guy.  He says he can do the job and best of all,  he says he can get started on her right away.  Man, we hope so.  Just to improve our chances that he is speaking the truth, we are going to eat nothing but black-eyed peas over the next few days!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

One brand new, beautifully tooled (faux) leather bench seat is
desperately seeking the company of a pickup cab.

Prefers 1931 Ford Model A pickup cabs
but after weeks of sitting alone on the cold garage floor
will accept most any make or model.

If interested, please call BR549.
Cab doesn't even have to be yellow.