Sunday, September 12, 2010

Spray Day

I decided this afternoon to pay a little visit to Roger out at the shop.  He's been spending an awful lot of time out there.  Granted, he's been coming home with spray paint all over his hands and clothes but I still thought I'd better make a surprise visit.

I just wanted to make sure things were on the up and up.  They were.

He was spray painting parts just like he said.

He was using that spray can like Van Gogh used a paint brush.

It didn't matter if he was sitting or standing.

He could spray that black paint like nobody's business.

There was lots of proof of his spray painting handiwork scattered about, too.

Some of it was on the floor......

While some of it was hanging from the ceiling......

I don't need to let it bug me any more about all the time he's been spending out there in the evenings.  He's been a busy boy.  Just spray painting his little heart out.

But there is something else that is bugging me.......

Remember some time ago when I complained just a wee bit about all the car paraphernalia scattered throughout the house?

All kinds of car stuff filling up the garage..... boxes of car parts stacked up on the dining room table..... car parts and accessories laying on our bedroom floor!

It's everywhere!!

Or so I thought.

Now it's everywhere!!

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