Friday, September 10, 2010

Killing Time

Man, if I thought things were moving slow the last week of August, things must be at a complete standstill now.

Roger is still going out to the shop every evening for a couple of hours.   He says he is working on Daisy.  He comes home with grease and black spray paint on his hands and clothes, so, I guess he really is out there doing something to the old girl.

He admits he's just been doing some small things.  Small, but important things.

Things that have to be done before this place finally delivers:

Oh, what fun we'll have if we can just ever get Miss Daisy back from this place!

Things will start happening!

Things will get exciting!

In the meantime, you will just have to be content to look at this picture of my little buddy, Banjo.

And if you are really bored, you can try to figure out what this is:

Got any ideas?

Here's a hint:

Bye for now!

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