Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Pretty Picture

If ever there was a time when the old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" rang true, this was not it.  The first pictures we saw of Miss Daisy were pretty. They were really pretty.  The backdrop of the green grassy field made her yellow paint look pristine.

Her chrome sparkled in the sunlight.  Her whitewalls were white and her black parts were glossy.  We were proud to be giving her a new home.

Little did we know, her cheery exterior hid a multitude of flaws and deceptions.   When we finally met face to face, the first deception was obvious........Miss Daisy wasn't even the color she led us to believe! We thought the Model A we were adopting was going to be a bright, sunny yellow.  This old girl looked like dried up mustard.  Could she even be the same one??

We unloaded her and drove her around to the garage.  Over the next few days, we inspected her further.  She had problems.  Lots of problems.  Yet, with each problem,  we saw glimpses of the sturdy little pickup that rolled off Mr. Ford's assembly line in 1931.  We soon came to realize, flaws and all, she was a keeper and she deserved to be brought back to the beauty she once was.

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  1. Very cool, Joy! So proud of you for being a blogger, whatever the heck that is. Cute pick-up!